The Superballs are 3000 unique NFT doodles based on the original 264 Floating Heads. Some will be more rare than others. For each Super Nfty Floating Head you own, you will be able to mint 10 Superballs for free (+ gas).

Step 1

Check the availability for your floating head #

Fill in your floating head number.

#__ has __/10 unclaimed Superballs.

Step 2.a

Mint all your Superballs at once (to reduce gas fees)

Fill in one or multiple floating head numbers. For example: 7, 85, 195

You are about to mint __ Superballs.

Step 2.b

Mint a specific amount of Superballs

Fill in your floating head # and the amount of Superballs you want to mint.

Warning! This costs about 25% more gas and you cannot use the batch mint (2a) function anymore after minting x/10.

Because of unreasonable gas levels and popular demand, the Superballs mint period has been extended indefinitely. The metadata for new mints will be revealed every other week, until then you will see a placeholder GIF on OpenSea. There is no public sale for these. In other words, there is no reason to rush your mints so please be mindful of gas prices.

Throughout November, the remaining 360 Superballs will be pooled and used for engagement, events, raffles and giveaways, because in December, the Superballs will double as presale passes (whitelist) for the Imps.

These were created for 3 reasons:

  • 1. To test our skills in deploying smart contracts.
  • 2. To play a role in the presale of the next collection. People who are aware of SuperNfty right now, have the opportunity to secure a chance of minting a collectible at pre-launch in the next big project. (In other words you get to skip potential gas wars in the public sale and secure a collectible at the base price.)
  • 3. To reward OG SuperNfty Collectors. By giving away 10 presale passes to OG collectors, they become ambassadors within the SuperNfty brand. They get to choose who gets to be part of the next generation of SuperNfty collectors.